village Йоаким Груево, region Plovdiv
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village Yoakim Gruevo, region Plovdiv

image pointervillage Yoakim Gruevo, Bulgaria

General information

Living conditions
Environmental Friendliness

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Population: 3041
Children: over 50
Under 50 years old.: over 30%
Foreigners: I don't know
Ethnic composition: Roma Vlachs,

Population characteristics

attentive 100.0%
cautious 60.0%
communicative 100.0%
kind-hearted 100.0%

Living conditions

Category/s of land: I don't know
Infrastructure 100.0%
Public transport 100.0%
Power supply 90.0%
Water supply 90.0%
Mobile range 100.0%
Internet 90.0%
TV 90.0%
Cleanliness 100.0%
Accessibility 100.0%

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река плодородни почви исторически забележителности природни забележителности

река планина плодородни почви


in the village distance local producers and farmers, doctor, pharmacy, temple, school, kindergarten, citalishte, atm, supermarket, bus station
on 10 km distance supermarket, train station, courier office, bank, district town
on 11-30 km distance bus station, district town